The History of Old Shiraz
.افسر، کرامت الله. تاریخ بافت قدیمی شیراز. تهران: انجمن ٱثار و مفاخر فرهنگى، ۱۳۷۴، چاپ دوم، ۳۱٩ص

Afsar, Karamat Allah. Tarikh-i Baft-i Qadim-i Shiraz. Tehran: Anjuman-i Athar va Mafakhir-i Farhangi, 1995, 2nd ed., 319pp.


The History of Old Shiraz

تاریخ بافت قدیمی شیراز

This book is an attempt to sketch the development of the city of Shiraz from its inception until the early Pahlavi era. The goal of writing Tarikh-i Baft-i Qadim-i Shiraz was to compile existing documents about the old city before its appearance changed due to urban renewal projects and other developments in the city.

There is an attempt throughout the book to reflect the appearance of old Shiraz in the mirror of historical narratives. With a somewhat architectural view, the writer has attempted to extract the slightest reference to the appearance of his native city from among historical reports, designs, tourists’ writings, and even accounts of dreams, and to connect them along a continuous chronological line. 

Given this approach and the lack of maps illustrating physical changes in the city, it is up to the reader to imagine the organic growth of the city throughout history. Among all the material that has been compiled, the most attention has been paid to water supply systems, gates, mansions, main streets, and old city structures such as the Bazaar and the Shah-Chiraq shrine. 

The book’s contents are mainly descriptive and do not support any particular point of view. Similarly, the study is not concerned with the reciprocal relationship between urban planning and culture. Nonetheless, the audience for the book does go somewhat beyond those with an interest in history and city planning. 

Iradj Esmailpour Ghouchani
Translated by Niki Akhavan
Esmailpour Ghouchani, Iradj. “English abstract of 'The History of Old Shiraz'". Translated by Niki Akhavan. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 137. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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