The Physical Structure of the City of Tehran
.حمیدی، ملیحه. استخوانبندی شهر تهران. تهران: سازمان مهندسی و عمران شهر تهران، ١۳٧۶،۳ جلد، ٩۵١ص

Hamidi, Maliha. Ustikhanbandi-yi Shahr-i Tihran. Tehran: Sazman-i Muhandisi wa 'Umran-i Shahri-yi Tihran, 1998, 3 Vols., 951pp.


The Physical Structure of the City of Tehran

استخوانبندی شهر تهران

Ustikhanbandi-yi Shahr-i Tihran (The Physical Structure of the City of Tehran) was published following a research project supported by Tehran’s municipality. The main objective of the research was to reorganise the city of Tehran in order to have control over its future developments. The historical centre of the city was the object of the most scrutiny as the research was based on the hypothesis that every action-plan for organising the complex structures of the city should be initiated from its centre. 

According to the author, the research initially lacked theoretical support. The author provides an overview of urbanism by citing the theories of a number of scholars on the issue since the sixties, with the purpose of showing that there are various approaches to the study of urban structure. 

The book features research focused exclusively on the case study of Tehran and provides comprehensive data on the expansion of the city from the Safavid period onwards. The results showed that Tehran’s physical structure was finalised by the 60s and the later developments led to the creation of independent sub-structures. 

In sum, the book depicts the past and the present of the city’s structure, and sets a vision for its future. It refers to methods and general concepts of regeneration and organisation of the structure of the city, and presents them in three scales; metropolitan, district and neighbourhood.

The book distinguishes itself from other studies on the subject through its methodology. It investigates the physical structure of a city by measuring its functionality, form, landmarks and transportation network. The work also provides a large number of informative maps, along with some illustrations from late twentieth- century Tehran. Finally, the book contains details on other historical cities of Iran.

Alireza Vaziri Zadeh
Translated by the MCA Editorial Team
Vaziri Zadeh, Alireza. “English abstract of 'The Physical Structure of the City of Tehran'". Translated by the MCA Editorial Team. In Cities as Built and Lived Environments: Scholarship from Muslim Contexts, 1875 to 2011, by Aptin Khanbaghi, 151. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.
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