The Power of Photography in Urban Design Discipline: A Module Catalogue
This work focuses on the pedagogical method that documents the public realm by promoting to students learning through photography in urban design programs to investigate everyday events that form public life. Picturing the commute in our cities could be guided by digital photography, archival research and critical thinking analysis. To contrive a kind of change, a module structure may come for the task of urban design as a field of professional practice to have a varied, integrated and transitioning role with different disciplines such as photography for raising the visual skills and boosting the way that students see their external environment. Moreover, the methods and techniques of urban design need to be extended to the unlimited borders of teaching various skills. The results of the current research stem from the reports of excellent students’ feedback, as well as the comments on the course and expert interviews. The conclusion is that urban design, as visual-aesthetic management, can benefit from a method for module revisited that provides themes for photography to boost the skills that students should gain. The concluded six key factors could foster the integrity of the modules of urban design and site photography.
Elshater, Abeer. "The Power of Photography in Urban Design Discipline: A Module Catalogue." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research. 12, 2 (2018): 182-208.

ISSN 1938-7806. OCLC 145980807; LOC 2007212183.
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2018 Archnet-IJAR, Archnet, MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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