Healing and Theraputic Landscape Design - Examples and Experience of Medical Facilities
Healing and therapeutic landscape design proposals are particularly suitable for medical facilities and, in general, facilities for people with health disorders, where they become a major support in difficult situations and can serve as a supplement to treatment. They do not replace medical help and different therapies, and neither do they exclude their need. However, their effects can improve and accelerate the recovery process in patients. In Slovakia, medical facilities do not often meet modern medical care requirements in terms of their technologies and equipment. For this reason, it is necessary to mainly transform hospital facilities and their exteriors in order to create the required natural foundation for patients in the form of healing and therapeutic landscape design. Using the example of the Philippe Pinel Psychiatric Hospital in Pezinok (Slovakia, Central Europe), we present a proposal for a green vegetation-scaping using the existing space, adding elements that highlight and support the therapeutic effect of the proposed space. The aim of the proposal is to create an environment that will bring positive changes for patients while serving as a relaxation space for employees.
Ingrid Belčáková, Pavla Galbavá, and Martina Majorošová. "Healing and Theraputic Landscape Design - Examples and Experience of Medical Facilities." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research. Vol. 12, issue 3 (2018): 128-151.
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2018 Archnet-IJAR, Archnet, MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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