Influence of Parametric Tools on the Complexity of Architectural Design in Everyday Work of SME's
Digital design tools and notably parametric ones have generated profound modifications of the architectural practice. In line with this evolution, technological and formal changes at the scale of architectural artifacts are underway, leading to a shift especially in regard of how architects deal on an everyday basis with CAD and morphological complexities. Big offices, thanks to their human and financial resources, have faced these difficulties and pushed the limits of their architectural projects. Little is known, however, about how smaller offices, accounting for the largest part of the European market, did adapt to these profound evolutions. Going through the results of a large-scale online survey, this paper analyzes the Belgian case regrouping mostly small and medium offices. The contribution discusses the meaning of parametric design for architects and reflects particularly on how architects do or do not implement these new digital tools in their everyday workflows. The results eventually shed light on the fact that parametric tools have the potential to free the creativity of SME’s and moreover unveil how these tools might overcome some of the current complexities of the daily architectural practice.
Adeline Stals, Sylvie Jancart and Catherine Elsen. "Influence of Parametric Tools on the Complexity of Architectural Design in Everyday Work of SME's." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research. Vol. 12, issue 3 (2018): 206-227.
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2018 Archnet-IJAR, Archnet, MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
architectural design