Water-Conserving Gardens: A User's Manual (English Version)
People often assume that a low-water using landscape has to be barren and dry, and that it is characterized by a predominance of rocks and cacti.  This could not be further from the truth.  Through a series of practices related to water conserving landscapes you can create attractive and sustainable gardens that are lush and colorful, and that also save water and money.  Such practices include using drought tolerant plants, incorporating hardscaped surfaces, taking advantage of rainwater harvesting, as well as following specific maintenance techniques when caring for your plants. 

This manual introduces the various possibilities of water-conserving gardening, and will prove useful whether your garden is small or large, and whether you are creating a new garden or upgrading an existing one.  The manual is divided into seven chapters, each illustrating one of the principles associated with water-conserving landscapes.  In each chapter, you will find clear ideas and easy to follow guidelines that will help you create a beautiful, water-conserving garden.  This manual also includes references to both printed and web-based resources for those who would like to get more in-depth knowledge about the subjects covered in its various chapters.
Water-Conserving Gardens: A User's Manual. 'Amman: Center for the Study of the Built Environment, 2004.
Center for the Study of the Built Environment