An Architect's View of Deodis in Hyderabad (A Domestic Architectural Marvel)
Deodis are the traditional fortified mansions where the Jagirdars of Hyderabad lived. Jagirdars were the Nizam's officials who enjoyed the land gifted to them by the Nizam and lived off the land. Dozens of deodis with grand halls and serene courtyards held the secrets of distinct nobility. The nobles who lived in the deodis during Asaf Jahi rule made a major contribution to the cultural life of the city. 

The general impression which one gathers in architectural patterns of the larger deodis are the features of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The use of local material and structural technology were the primary means of sustainability. The basic structure of deodis which existed in rural Marathawada, Karnataka, and Telangana were enlarged and made more elaborate in Hyderabad. The deodis from acted as an important space for various social gatherings and judicial practices. Unfortunately, these deodis which once greeted the royals, aristocrats, and commoners were neglected and are presently in a dilapidated condition.


NEED: Hyderabad, known to be a gateway to southern India, today has a reputation of being called an Information Technology (I T Hub Looking at the present day scenario, it is hard to imagine the grandeur that the old city of Hyderabad once had over a century ago The historic buildings act as a reminder of past which links the present and informs the future generation of its lost heritage Most of the heritage structures were abandoned and left to deteriorate after the Indian Independence Act of 1948

AIM: The aim of this research revolves around majorly the architectural aspects of deodis of Hyderabad.

OBJECTIVES: To provide a brief historical background of the Jagirdar’s Palaces deodis in 19 th to early 20 th century; to research on deodis in and around the city of Hyderabad and the architectural role they played in the community; to focus on the built fabric with other tangible characteristics related to the deodis; to document deodis which differ in architectural form and style

SCOPE: The scope of the study is to analyse the architectural elements of the deodis and their usage in correlation to their past and the circumstances that led to their deterioration. The study will only be related to the structures in Hyderabad:

  • Nawab Inayath Jung deodi
  • Diwan deodi Literature study
  • Nawab Khursheed Jah deodi
  • Iqbal Ud Daula deodi
Raghavendram, Ramesh, Nikita Jaiswal and Tanya Srivastava. "An Architect's View of Deodis in Hyderabad (A Domestic Architectural Marvel)." Hyderabad: Archinova Designs Private Limited, 2019.
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