Mimar Book Reviews 4
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A compilation of book reviews from the publication Mimar: Architecture in Development. Housing as a Basic Need by the Regional Institute of Higher Education and Development, reviewed by Norman Edwards; Traditional Architecture of Afghanistan by Stanley I. Hallet and Rafi Samizay, reviewed by S. Niroumand-Rad; Architettura Nei Paesi Islamic, Seconda mostra internazionale di architettura La Biennale de Venezia; Urban Planning in the Third World: The Chandigarh Experience by Madhu Sarin, reviewed by Emma Hooper; Living with the Desert- Working Buildings of the Iranian Plateau by Elisabeth Beazley and Michael Harverson, reviewed by Lee Home; Appropriate or Underdeveloped Technology? by Arghiri Emmanuel, reviewed by Kahveh Rahnema; Traditional Houses in Baghdad by John Warren and Ihsan Fethi; Architecture and Community: Building in the Islamic World Today edited by Renata Holod with Darl Rastorfer.
Mimar Book Reviews 4. In Mimar 4: Architecture in Development, edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan. Singapore: Concept Media Ltd., 1982.
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