Mimar Book Reviews 7
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A compilation of book reviews from the publication Mimar: Architecture in Development. Hatumere: Islamic Design in West Africa by Labelle Prussin, reviewed by Hasan-Uddin Khan; African Spaces: Designs for Living in Upper Volta by Jean-Paul Bourdier and Trinh T. Minh-ha, reviewed by Hasan-Uddin Khan; Arabic-Islamic Cities, Building and Planning Principles by Besim Selim Hakim, reviewed by Brian Brace Taylor; Mamluk Jerusalem: An Architectural Study by Michael Hamilton Burgoyne, reviewed by Oleg Grabar; Architetture e Spazi dell'Islam: Le Istituzioni collecttive e la vita urbana by Ludovico Micara, reviewed by Emma Hooper; Dar Al Islam: Architetture del territorio nei paesi islamici by Attilio Petruccioli, reviewed by Emma Hooper; La Cittá Islamica by Florindo Fasaro, reviewed by Emma Hooper; Dwellings: The House Across the World by Paul Oliver, reviewed by Victor Papanek.
Mimar Book Reviews 7. In Mimar 7: Architecture in Development, edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan. Singapore: Concept Media Ltd., 1983.
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