Mimar Book Reviews 8
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A compilation of book reviews from the publication Mimar: Architecture in Development. Five Essays on Islamic Art by Terry Allen, reviewed by Barbara Genevaz; The Rajput Palaces: The Development of an Architectural Style by G.H.R. Tillotson, reviewed by Shanti Jayewardene; Cities for People: Reflections of a Southeast Asian Architect by William S.W. Lim, reviewed by Cho Padamse; Haveli-Wooden Houses and Mansions of Gujarat by V.S. Pramar, reviewed by Sunand Prasad; Comtemporary Architecture Bangladesh edited by Shah Alam Zahiruddin, Abu H. Imamuddin and M. Mohiuddin Khan, reviewed by Tasleem Shakur; Innovative Architecture of Singapore by Robert Powell, foreward by Charles Correa, reviewed by Arnold Koerte; Naga, Cultural Origins in Siam and the West Pacific by Sumet Jumsai, introduction by R. Buckminster Fuller, reviewed by Brian Brace Taylor; L'architecture moderne en Egypte et La Revue al-'Imara (1939-1959) by Mercedes Volait, reviewed by Serge Santelli.
Mimar Book Reviews 8. In Mimar 8: Architecture in Development, edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan. Singapore: Concept Media Ltd., 1983.
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