Rediscovery: Mimar Sinan, Suleyman the Magnificent & the Suleymaniye
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Medina Magazine is a unique and ambitious project in the Middle East by a group of architects, designers and artists to collaborate to present both architecture conceived and created in Egypt, and examples from other contexts that contain elements relevant to architectural designers, students and educators working in Egypt.

This magazine that has been published in Arabic and English since 1998 is divided into three sections to aid the reader in critiquing their built environment; to see that each component negotiates with the other to form our visual world. Structure, decorative details and interpretations of spaces and how society reacts to them anchor Medina's founders' conception as apparent in the selection of articles presented on ArchNet.

Medina goes even further than presenting architectural, design and art projects; as part of their design revolution in Egypt, Medina also organizes annual design competitions for students and professionals, as well as supporting symposiums and art projects.
Gabr, Aly Hatem. Rediscovery: Mimar Sinan, Suleyman the Magnificent & the Suleymaniye. In Medina Issue Seventeen: Architecture, Interiors & Fine Arts. British Virgin Islands: Medina Magazine. (January - February 2001): 48 - 53.
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