Vidhan Bhavan
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This issue of Alam al-Bina is devoted to the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 1998.

The master jury for the 1998 Aga Khan Award for Architecture were concerned with recognizing projects that had a wider global context and meaning while also identifying those projects that have a regional relevance. The jury searched for projects that respond creatively to the new crisis situations in the world, especially in the Muslim World. Seven projects were selected for the Award. Two were seen to have qualities that could be of relevance to a broader global context: Hebron Old Town and the Slum Networking of Indore City. Two projects were seen to respond in an exceptional way to specific social and environmental conditions: The Salinger Residence and the Lepers Hospital. Three of the chosen projects, the Tuwaiq Palace, the Alhamra Arts Council and Vidhan Bhavan, are important large scale public buildings. Their form and context were regarded by the Jury as very significant in the continuing process of evolving a contemporary architectural vocabulary in the Islamic world. (Taken from English summary on page 9)
Ibrahim, Abdelbaki Mohamed (ed). 1998. Vidhan Bhavan. In Alam al-Bina. Cairo: Center for Planning and Architectural Studies, 28-29/205.
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