Preface and Introduction [Iran: Architecture for Changing Societies]
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This publication is a result of an International Seminar held in Tehran and Yazd, Iran, between 11-17 October 2002, sponsored by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. "The Aga Khan Trust for Culture and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture had been considering for some time the organisation of a meeting in Iran that would provide the opportunity of engaging in meaningful dialogue between national architects, teachers, and students in the fields of historic preservation and contemporary design, and their counterparts from other countries." (Luis Monreal, from the preface)

"The meetings in Iran marked the first time that an Award seminar has been split into two different but complementary subjects: historic preservation and contemporary architecture and planning. This dual structure closely reflects the realities that most Muslim societies face today. On one hand, there is an urgent need to protect and revitalise historic urban heritage and the contexts in which it is located; on the other, there is a massive need for new construction, including housing, industrial and corporate structures, public facilities, and planning and infrastructure initiatives." (Luis Monreal, from the preface)

Preface by:
Luis Monreal, General Manager Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Pirooz Hananchi, Deputy Minister, Housing and Urban Development
Ali Reza Sami Azar, Director, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Introduction Past and Future by
Philip Jodidio
Jodidio, Philip (ed). 2004. Preface and Introduction. In Iran: Architecture for Changing Societies. Torino: Umberto Allemandi & C.
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