Mixed Reality: The Deconstruction of Time- The Restructure of the Future
journal article
The information age has led us to experience our environment in innovative ways, especially after the emergence of virtual spaces. Our senses have been triggered and our perceptions have been significantly altered through our experience of ever developing virtual spaces, comprising of spatial metaphors coded through an abstract flow of electronic signals, or physical spaces, comprising of zones adapted to activities and channels of communication providing links between zones, or a combination of both. Using the two types of spaces, an architect can more easily interact and communicate with fellow architects as well as clients. This paper intends to explicate the concept of shared mixed realities in the field of architecture based on the construction of transparent boundaries between real and virtual spaces. In order to manage their communication, participants can utilize spatial properties (i.e containments and movement) through the use of shared space technologies which aim to create electronic environments.
Mandour, Mohamed Alaa. " Mixed Reality: The Deconstruction of Time- The Restructure of the Future," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 1, issue 2 (2007).
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Mohamed Alaa Mandour
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