Facility Management: A Paradigm for Expanding the Scope of Architectural Practice
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In this paper the authors discuss challenging interrelations between the contemporary architectural practice and the expanding facility management (FM) sector. After defining FM and determining the part of it that is directly dependent on an architectural expertise, the authors identify possible interests in combining knowledge between the two fields, both dealing with the built environment. The empirical part of the research is a study of the current development of FM concepts and strategies in Serbia, and examination of the position and a possible impact of the local architectural practice. A systematization of local real-estate from the point of FM includes three different groups of objects: the ones with integrated FM strategy in the early design stage; the ones with imported FM strategy from international firms; and the last incomparably largest group of objects that desperately need an appropriate FM concept. The methodology of tracking the FM related knowledge has been applied with the aim to recognize key actors in the FM knowledge exchange on the national level, as well as to understand current position and propose possible activities for the local architectural community.
Devetakovic, Mirjana, and Radojevic, Milan. "Facility Management: A Paradigm for Expanding the Scope of Architectural Practice," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 1, issue 3 (2007).
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Mirjana Devetakovic and Milan Radojevic
building technology
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