A Contemporary Hammam: Wellness Centre in Bodrum, Turkey
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The article presents and reviews the design of a contemporary hammam and wellness centre in Bodrum, Turkey. The project conceived in Ortakent (near Bodrum), was designed to serve mainly tourists during the summer holiday season and residents of the region in the off-season periods. The complex consists of the main component; the hammam, and also includes other components such as a
sauna, steam bath, massage parlour etc. The design concept provides flexibility and adaptability to allow the fluctuations caused by seasonal variations in both type of activities and the frequency of usage during the intended year-long operations of the facilities. The ground floor, where the administrative section is located, has been architecturally designed with integral solar energy panels in order to offset
a very significant portion of energy expenditures, which constitutes an important part of the total operating costs of the complex. Water re-use and local construction materials are used in this project. In
essence, this project attempts to offer new solutions and opportunities for architects and designers to improve the performance of contemporary building in order to reach an optimum of sustainability levels for the building. It combines modern technology and architectural techniques adapted to the hammam spaces and ambiences. The design is inspired from traditional architectural concepts adapted to today’s technological developments.
Igdirligil, Ahmet. "A Contemporary Hammam: Wellness Centre in Bodrum, Turkey," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 2, issue 3 (2008).
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