Process-Based Learning: Towards Theoretical and Lecture-Based Coursework in Studio Style
journal article
This article presents a process-based learning approach to design education where theoretical coursework is taught in studio-style. Lecture-based coursework is sometimes regarded as lacking in challenge and broadening the gap between theory and practice. Furthermore, lecture-based curricula tend to be detached from the studio and deny students from applying their theoretically gained knowledge. Following the belief that student motivation is increased by establishing a higher level of autonomy in the learning process, I argue for a design education that links theory with applied design work within the studio setting. By synthesizing principles of Constructivist Learning and Problem-Based Learning, PBL students are given greater autonomy by being actively involved in their education. Accordingly, I argue for a studio setting that incorporates learning in studio style by presenting three design applications involving students in investigation and experimentation in order to self-experience the design process.
Nabih, Hatem Ezzat. "Process-Based Learning: Towards Theoretical and Lecture-Based Coursework in Studio Style," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 4, issues 2/3 (2010).
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Hatem Ezzat Nabih
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