Theoria, Praxis, Poiesis: A Continuum Scheme
journal article
The present age provides that the new production technologies are in a continuous experimental production in terms of both quantitative and rapidness criteria. Thinking and testing speed comes closer with these experiences. Knowledge management systems begin to be more important when knowledge and experience generated in the virtual environment with the increased processing of information exceeds the individual’s processing capacity. The continuous transformation process with new technologies, organizational models and cross-distance communication, installs a variety of responsibilities to both academic and professional environment. In this study, based on Aristotle’s fundamental “theory” (theoria), “practice” (praxis), “poetik” (poiesis), parser for disciplinary point of view will be discussed related to “thinking”, “doing” and “creating” actions. The different nature of design disciplines in relation to theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, and creative knowledge will also be discussed.
Potur, Ayla Ayyildiz and Kayihan, Kutlu Sevinc. "Theoria, Praxis, Poiesis: A Continuum Scheme," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 5, issue 2 (2011).
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Ayla Ayyildiz Potur and Kutlu Sevinc Kayihan
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