Architecture and Design Research: Reflections in Relation to the Design Process
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Research endeavors in architectural design date back to the foundations of building construction itself. Remarkably, the true limitations of design procedures stem from the confined boundaries preset in the mind of mankind. Even the perceptions an architect holds throughout the complex process of designing an architectural wonder, contributes to a fundamental impact on the performed procedures commonly applied. Research methodologies in architecture and design, tend to primarily focus on architectural visions, trends or the actual design features of a construction, and not on the person behind it all. Following efforts directed towards a trajectory that encircles the architect and his or her perception regarding architecture and design research, this work aims to highlight the views of many prominent architects whose architectural wonders have served as crucial milestones in history and influenced generations of people. A weave between an architect and her or his surroundings, cannot be treated as an isolated event. Puzzle pieces of gender roles, performatives, social influences, and insight regarding architectural research methods contribute to a larger architectural image and evolution. In order to establish the actual relations between architectural perspectives and words that support these, a chosen approach is to quote architects on issues considering architectural research endeavors. Similarly, underlying key points are elucidated with quotes that would communicate noteworthy aspects of adjacent theories.
Gohardani, Navid. "Architecture and Design Research: Reflections in Relation to the Design Process." In ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 5, issue 3 (2011).
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