The Unresolved Rooftop
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This study is prompted by the observation that an overwhelming number of buildings in the world have rooftops that are architecturally irresolute, under designed, uncharacterised; in one word: unresolved. In those instances, the level of design resolution of the rooftop is insignificant when compared to its corresponding facade. There is an evident, sudden drop in design tension and architectural investigation. Has this condition perpetuated through time, and is this trend continuing? What alternatives are there to the unresolved rooftop? This study seeks to explore the topic of the unresolved rooftop in architectural design, defining its features and origins and providing evidence of its visibility and presence in the world. It associates the design of the unresolved rooftop to the flat rooftop of the modernist era, and proposes it as a recurring theme and opportunity in contemporary architectural design. The study limits itself by suggesting three areas of investigation into the persistence of the unresolved rooftop in design practice and education and provides examples of counter-trends with the scope to stimulate a greater awareness of the unresolved rooftop and to promote change.
Medio, Simone. "The Unresolved Rooftop," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 6, issue 2 (2012).
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