The Impact of the Spatial Qualities of the Workplace on Architects' Job Satisfaction
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Undoubtedly job satisfaction among architects is necessary to create a healthy work environment and in turn supports the creation of meaningful built environments. This paper examines the phenomenon of job satisfaction amongst architects and the factors that significantly influence it in the context of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. A descriptive survey in the form of a questionnaire and structured interviews was utilized to form a comprehensive methodology for investigation, which was conducted in 2009. In total, three hundred questionnaires were administered, addressing architects working in both private and public sectors, while twelve interviews were conducted, with six for each sector. Preliminary findings indicate that job satisfaction has been rated to be relatively high amongst Belfast architects. Factors identified as particularly significant include control over thermal conditions, acoustics, views, lighting, and ergonomics.
Salama, Ashraf M. and Leanne Courtney. "The Impact of the Spatial Qualities of the Workplace on Architects' Job Satisfaction," in ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 7, issue 1 (2013): 52-64.
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Ashraf M. Salama and Leanne Courtney
United Kingdom
architectural design
building analysis and assessment
contemporary architecture
environment-behavior studies
occupational health and safety