Dubai In A World Of Flows
journal article
During the last decade, Dubai has experienced dramatic forms of urban transformation in response to the new global order. Since the early 1990s, the city has been investing in the construction of an urban structure that has the capacity of triggering intense flows of capital, people, goods, and information in order in order to upgrade its world city status. A major portion of real estate investments was directed to the development of a series of projects that primarily aim to attract these flows. I refer to these projects as “places of flows.” I mean by “places of flows,” places that have the capacity of attracting and hosting agglomerations of capital, people and information flows and facilitate their transmission to the local context. In this paper, I propose an analytical model that categorizes these places into: 1) Places of capital flows; 2) Places of people flows; and 3) Places of information flows. The study aims to emphasize the role of these places in integrating Dubai into the new world order.
Salama, Hussam Hussein. "Dubai In A World Of Flows." ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 7, issue 2 (2013): 136-145.
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Hussam Hussein Salama
United Arab Emirates