Wakfs in Kavala, Greece: A Legal, Political and Architectural Heritage Issue
journal article
The present paper examines wakfs in Greece, and focuses on a case study in the city of Kavala. The case of the wakfs in Kavala is analyzed as an issue of planning legislation, as a matter of architectural heritage, and as an implementation of urban renewal. Wakfs in Kavala consist of historic buildings of unique architectural value that legally differ from the rest in Greece, being officially property of the State of Egypt. For a number of years their status seemed to be an impediment for their integration to the development of the city. Consequently, they were going through a process of physical decay. The present article analyses recent initiatives for a viable legal solution to the previous deadlock, and describes a subsequent process of restoration. Kavala wakfs right now are among the most impressive samples of the architectural heritage of the city, being also integrated in the urban processes with uses combining tourism, cultural activities, and recreation. Finally, an overall assessment is attempted regarding their role as a landmark in Kavala.
Lalenis, Konstantinos and Elena Samourkasidou. "Wakfs in Kavala, Greece: A Legal, Political and Architectural Heritage Issue." ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 7, issue 2 (2013): 206-220.
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Konstantinos Lalenis and Elena Samourkasidou
building analysis and assessment
contemporary architecture
historical architecture