Global Image Hegemony: Istanbul's Gated Communities as the New Marketing Icons
journal article
In this paper we investigated how marketing strategies of the developing consumer society has affected housing production in Istanbul as a corollary development of globalization in Turkey. We aim to analyze marketing strategies as active agents that shape the design of emerging gated communities in Istanbul through advertising media based on the theme of ‘an ideal life style,’ in the form of TV commercials, newspaper ads, publicity brochures etc. We focus on the representation and dissemination of this elusive ‘ideal’ to the public via the advertising campaigns of these housing settlements. Therefore the cases studied in the paper concentrates on the Turkish architectural scene after 1990, when consumer culture’s most significant impacts on architectural products are observed. Marketing of a new type of suburbanization in Turkey is concomitant with the rise of a new middle class having a high purchasing power and these housing projects are marketed via life style characteristics ‘desired’ by this class.
Ülkü, Gözde Kan and Erdem Erten. "Global Image Hegemony: Istanbul’s Gated Communities as the New Marketing Icons." ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 7, issue 2 (2013): 244-257.
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Gözde Kan Ülkü and Erdem Erten
architectural design
building analysis and assessment
environment-behavior studies
occupational health and safety
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