How Sustainable Are Industrial Buildings? A Study In Golden Horn District
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After the industrial revolution, as in all areas, cities and buildings are also faced with a rapidly changing renewal. The changing within social structure by immigration and population growth, with bad living conditions and environmental degradation, urban fabric begins to tear and the concept of sustainability become a necessity in all sectors such as construction, architecture and urbanism. Therefore subject of “re-evaluation and transformation” of industrial buildings which come up with their specific properties especially in old / historical urban areas should be analyzed in terms of physical and social sustainability. In this context, the causes and effects on the change and transformation of three industrial buildings which have been chosen from Golden Horn district –which has potentials about getting back the old value of its own with lots of new project- with sustainability criterion will be analyzed. In the light of sustainability criteria formed by combining the findings from this evaluation and findings from comprehensive literature research, the aim of the study is to examine how sustainable is the conversion of old industrial buildings located in the Golden Horn.
Düzgün, Hande and Hande Aladag. "How Sustainable Are Industrial Buildings? A Study In Golden Horn District." ArchNet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 7, issue 2 (2013): 330-340.
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Hande Düzgün and Hande Aladağ
architectural design
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