Religious Projects: The Quiet Decade
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Beginning at the end of the first Gulf War, the Middle East entered a new era of architectural and urban development defined by increased levels of globalization and private sector investment. In the decade that followed, the region was home to a wealth of architectural projects that challenged conventional thinking about architecture and the Middle East itself. Mohammad al-Asad provides an in-depth examination of an abundance of these projects, from homes and schools to hotels and religious centers. Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle East examines the economic, political, and cultural context in which the projects were created. The book’s photographs bring attention to previously unaddressed aspects of modern Arabic architecture, highlighting local talent emerging throughout the region.

Source: University Press Florida
al-Asad, Mohammad. 2012. "Religious Projects: The Quiet Decade". In Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle East, 56-67. Gainesville: University Press of Florida
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