Green Towers and Iconic Design: Cases from Three Continents
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Recently, massive urbanization, increasingly denser cities and environmental consciousness are pushing architects to build “green” skyscraper. This paper examines the emergence of a notable type of skyscrapers, which depart from purely image-driven structures, and emphasizes functionality and energy efficiency. It argues that breathtaking green design and practical clean technology are merged to give birth to green architectural aesthetics. Upon reviewing over 30 towers from various parts of the world, the paper identifies salient green design strategies that provide new iconicity including: structural efficiencies, renewable energy, façade technology, greeneries, and bioclimatic design. Findings suggest that a dynamic synergy among innovative green design strategies, new architectural languages and exciting aesthetics has constituted a trend that is more likely to prevail in the 21st Century.

Key words: sustainable design; new technologies, indigenous forms; innovative approaches; green aesthetics

Al-Kodmany, Kheir. "Green Towers and Iconic Design: Cases from Three Continents." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 8, issue 1 (2014): 11-29.
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