Museum of Art Versus the City as a Work of Art: A Case of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens
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This study is concerned with the New Acropolis Museum, which was opened in June 2009 in Athens. The New Acropolis Museum, out of all of the world’s new museum structures of the past century, has dramatically intensified the issue of the relationship between parts and the whole, between the building and its integration into the setting, between the museum function and the historical city, which is a protected heritage site, one treated as a museum exhibit. With the New Acropolis Museum as an example, the study would like to highlight the complexity and the ambiguity of the present-day relationship between the heritage protection, the museumisation of art and the design of our environment. The particular attention is focused on the vivid debate about the building and the distinguishing the differences between traditionalist and modernist views of architecture manifested in this debate. These differences are deeper rooted than many people have been willing to admit.

Keywords: theory of architecture; museology; architectural conservation; traditionalism; modernism; the Acropolis Museum; Athens.

Horácek, Martin. "Museum of Art Versus the City as a Work of Art." Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, vol. 8, issue 2 (2014): 47-61.
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