Introduction to Islamic Architecture
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Introduction to the Language of Islamic Architecture

This presentation was conceived as a tool for instructors to introduce their students to the subject of Islamic architecture. Since the topic is a dual one, meaning that it involves a basic understanding of both Islam and architecture generally, both subjects are introduced on a basic level. An attempt has been made to outline and explain the minimum vocabulary needed to initiate study on the topic. The project is geared toward a general student audience who has little to no previous knowledge of the topic. The sample lecture within the PowerPoint file may either be delivered to a class as is, or it can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific topic or instructor. Either way, it is intended to facilitate the teaching of Islamic architecture and make the subject more accessible to those who wish to teach and/or learn it.

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Hedrick, Christian. “The Language of Islamic Architecture.” Presentation developed for, Aga Khan Documentation Center, Cambridge, MA, 2014.
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