Melaka River Rehabilitation
Melaka, Malaysia
The main impetus behind beautification and rehabilitation of the Melaka river was flood mitigation, all the while enhancing the potential it has for the city’s economy and for tourism. Zones were designed to ensure that the riverfront retains strong links with the city’s trades and heritage. The river area was enhanced by 18 shophouse restorations, pockets of gardens, widely paved esplanade walks and new vehicular and pedestrian bridges and jetties to rejuvenate the maritime history of the city. An interceptor sewer to stop raw sewage and debris from flowing into the river was introduced, as was a barrage system to control the water level of the river from changing with the tides, thereby allowing tourist boat cruises to ply their trade.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Melaka, Malaysia
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Completed 2009
90,000 m²
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urban design and development