Masjid al-Sayyida Saffiyya
Cairo, Egypt
A domed prayer hall and adjacent minaret are the dominant features of this mosque that is just outside Cairo. A social center is also part of the program. The site lies near the road joining the center of Cairo to the airport. The 3500 square meter site is defined on its perimeter by a concrete and crafted iron fence; the grounds are paved and landscaped.

The mosque lies on a podium that is reached by 12 steps at the entry façade. Entry to the prayer hall is through the three pointed arches of the portal porch, supported on columns faced in rose-colored marble. The prayer hall is square in plan, defined by four pairs of interior columns, surmounted by a clerestorey drum and dome over the central court (sahn). The gallery is composed of square bays on three sides; on the fourth (qibla) wall, the three bays are rectangular and house the mihrab and wooden minbar. The two lateral galleries lead to three bay-prayer areas on both sides.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Cairo, Egypt
Associated Names
1981/1401 AH
Variant Names
Masjid al-Sayyida Saffiyya
Sayyida Saffiyya Mosque
Building Usages