Masjid Salah al-Din
Cairo, Egypt
A late Mamluk style mosque including two minarets, a domed prayer hall and an Islamic library surrounding an interior courtyard. The building is divided into two volumes; the prayer hall and the courtyard wing divided into two floors. This side wing has its own entrance access and leads into the main prayer hall. The second floor gallery running around the courtyard houses a library on three sides and a women's prayer hall on the fourth side adjacent to the main building. The courtyard contains a decorated central fountain and is surrounded by an arcade. The pointed arches are supported by double columns. Large arched windows surround the exterior walls. The courtyard rises to a double height with a second floor gallery.

The main prayer hall is conceived on a square plan. The central square is defined by four square columns at each corner. Additional prayer space is provided by two parallel, rectangular bays on each of the four sides of the prayer hall. The qibla wall extends out from the parallel bays to house the mihrab and minbar. The entire prayer area is characterized by rows of octagonal columns supporting pointed arches symmetrically located around the central square. Elaborate ornamentation and calligraphy adorn the prayer hall walls. A rear, two-story annex abuts the corner of the library wing and prayer hall building and contains a central hall.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Cairo, Egypt
Associated Names
1962/1381 AH
Variant Names
Salah al-Din Mosque
Masjid Salah Eddin
Building Usages