Jaipurhat C-Type Housing
Joypurhat, Bangladesh
The project consists of 2000 units and community facilities for workers and their families of the Bangladesh Mineral Exploration and Development Corporation. The streets and buildings are laid out within a 120m square grid, oriented for climatic reasons, 45 degrees off he north-south axis. Eight different apartment types are realised in four-storey buildings. The construction involves load bearing walls made from handmade brick and reinforced concrete slabs

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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"Jaipurhat Limestone and Cement Project, Bangladesh." Muzharul Islam Archive. http://www.muzharulislam.com/projects/jahangirnagar_university.html. [Accessed September 19, 2006]
Joypurhat, Bangladesh
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Jaipurhat C-Type Housing
BMEDC Housing
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