Jami' Muhammad Pasha
Tripoli, Libya
Mohammed Pasha Sha'ib al-Ain, governor of Libya between 1686 and 1700, built the mosque in 1698-1699. Originally 19 meters square, eighteenth century additions on the north and east sides have made it "L" shaped. There is a second floor balcony included in one of the additions.

The mosque is noteworthy for its many carved doors and doorways. The entrance to the mosque is a square monumental stone doorway with paneled wooden doors. Entering the sanctuary from the courtyard one passes through a simple door surrounded by raised round decoration and ornate tiles. A much more elaborate door opens from the Souk al-Turk. There the stone arch of the doorway is carved in floral pilasters and rosettes, while the double wooden doors are carved in even greater detail.

A small colonnaded courtyard and the tomb of Mohammed Pasha are associated with the mosque. Slightly removed from the mosque is a minaret in the Ottoman style.


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Souk al-Turk, Tripoli, Libya
Associated Names
1698-99/1110 AH
Variant Names
Jami' Muhammad Pasha
Mosque of Muhammad Pasha
Building Usages