Asik Pasa Türbesi
Kirsehir, Türkiye
The tomb of Asik Pasa was built by Emir Eretna Alaeddin (1336-1352). Some sources date the tomb to 1322, while others cite 1333, the year of Asik Pasa's death. Asik Pasa (1272-1333) was an important poet, a devout Sufi, and a religious sheikh. His works are among the first that were written in Ottoman Turkish, a language that was not previously deemed worthy of literature.

His tomb, constructed of white marble, is large cube topped by an octagonal, tent-shaped dome. Architecturally it is unlike any other Seljuk building and draws on monuments built by the Fatimids in Egypt. The entrance is via a porch on the north edge of the west façade, notable both for its asymmetrical placement and its large scalloped vault above the low doorway. The door opens into a passageway covered by a barrel vault that flanks the burial chamber to its north. An inscription from one of Asik Pasa's poems is carved in a recess in front of the dome.


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Kayseri Caddesi, Kirsehir, Türkiye
1322/721-722 AH or 1333/733-734 AH
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Asik Pasa Turbesi
Aşık Paşa Türbesi
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