Masjid Nabi Allah Jirjis
Mosul, Iraq
This still standing Timurid complex, dating to 1393, includes a small shrine dedicated to Nabi Jerjis (the saint/prophet George) built in the Quraysh cemetery in Mosul. Timur, leader of the Timurid Empire, commissioned for this site a mosque and a dome built above the sarcophagus. He also created several endowments or waqfs to sustain the complex.

The tomb chamber is a small square measuring 4.7 on each side, toped with a dome with ribs visible from the outside. Interior surfaces are severely damaged. Its walls are covered with green and yellow glazed brick tiles to the height of two meters and are surmounted by a Quranic inscription band. Adjacent to it, and probably from the same period, is another room measuring 4.17 by 4.46 meters with a central column to support the roof.

South of the tomb chamber lies the mosque built by Timur in 1393 that is recognizable from the outside for its high circular dome. It abides by a square plan and houses the minbar and the main mihrab that were transplanted from the tomb chamber at the time of construction. It is decorated with triangular geometric patterns similar to muqarnas and has two columns on its sides supporting a circular arch.

The second addition to the shrine is a prayer hall for the Sunni Hanafi rite. It is square in plan and is located east of the tomb chamber. Its plan is divided in nine equal bays supported by four central marble columns with decorated capitals. Later in 1735, another prayer hall was added to the north of the tomb chamber for the Sunni Shafi'i rite. It is rectangular in plan with elongated proportions. It is composed of five bays supported on pointed arches.

The minaret was built in 1853 to replace an older one. It is made of stone and has a muqarnas balcony toped by a pointed spire in the Turkish style.

In 1910, after a major earthquake, the Timurid dome collapsed and was re-built with stone following Mosul building techniques. It is decorated with arabesque motifs executed in green glazed brick tiles.


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Mosul, Iraq
Associated Names
1150/544-45 AH; restored 1393/795-96 AH
Style Periods
Variant Names
Mosque of Nabi Allah Jirjis
Nabi Jirjis Complex
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