Jami' Murad Basha
Baghdad, Iraq
Murad Pasha Mosque known as al-Muradiyyah, is situated at the northern end of Rashid Street, close to the Maydan or Market Square, in East Baghdad. An inscription above the main entrance attributes its erection in 1578 by Murad Pasha the Ottoman governor of Baghdad. This inscription is no longer visible; it was severely damaged during the 1901 restorations.

The mosque overlooks a walled courtyard surrounded by small rooms on its periphery. Its plan is divided into three parts: the musalla or prayer hall, the portico preceding it, and the minaret at the side. The prayer hall is reached from the courtyard through the portico covered by five unequal domes. It is accessed by an iwan gate flanked by two minor openings in the shape of pointed arches. The iwan entrance has no decoration except an inscription in kashani blue tiles above the arch. The two central supporting piers have carved niches with no decoration.

The prayer hall (musalla) lies behind the portico and is accessed by three arches aligned with the outer ones. The space is divided in three parts. The central one is covered with a big dome sitting on a drum punctured by four windows lighting the space underneath; it is supported by two columns separating the two side aisles much smaller is size and set perpendicular to the qibla wall. They open from their shortest side to the portico and are covered with three domes; the central one is flat and bigger in scale. The mihrab is located below the big dome in the central prayer hall facing the entrance: it is a niche bearing no decoration. The minbar to the right side is made of bricks, and is covered with a conical dome.

Inscribed to the main building mass, at the right end of the portico, is the minaret; its octagonal base is only apparent from the east side, the remaining being absorbed by the main volume. It has a circular shaft rising above the building and toped by a circular ribbed dome. It is decorated with geometric patterns in kashani blue tiles.


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Maydan, Baghdad, Iraq
Associated Names
1570-71/978 AH, restored 1889/1307 AH, rebuilt 1901-02/1319 AH
Style Periods
Variant Names
Jami' Murad Basha
Murad Pasha Mosque
Jami' al-Muradiyya
Jami' al-Muradiyah
Building Usages