Mosquée Sid El Haloui
Tlemcen, Algeria
The rectangular Mosque of Sidi Halaoui is a typically Marinid mosque, built approximately 14 years after the Mosque of Sidi Boumediène. It is dedicated an Andalusian ascetic who died in Tlemcen ca. 1305. It is rectangular in shape with a 25 m. The sahn measures 10.10 m x 10.6.  The prayer hadd is divided into six sections by columns.  Each section is 17.5 m long and 3 m. wide, with the exception of the center section, which is 3.35 m wide. The minaret on the western side of the mosque measures 25 m in height.   The pillars in the prayer hall were removed from ruins of the palace at Mansura.  

--Michael A. Toler, 30 January 2017

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Rue Ibn Khaldoun, Tlemcen, Algeria
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Associated Names
1354/754 AH
Style Periods
17.40 x 27.5 m
Variant Names
Sidi al-Halwi Mosque
Sidi el Halwi Mosque
Building Usages