Hadiqat al-Huriyya
Cairo, Egypt
Horeyya Garden, in Tahrir Street, was established by Ismail Pasha in 1876 and at that time covered
an area of about twenty-nine feddans (equal to 12.2 hectares). Entrance was free of charge and children's games and activities were abundant. Intrusions by structures into the garden through the years have reduced its size to seven feddans. The garden was restored in the late 1990s, safeguarding its botanical heritage. The design of the garden was modified, and the children's section was removed during the restoration.

The garden is currently administered by the Department of Special Gardens, Cairo Governorate. Admission is charged and limited.


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Shari' al-Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt
Associated Names
1876/1292 AH
Variant Names
Huriyya Garden
Hadqiat al-Hurriyah
Building Usages