Macunagasi Izzet Efendi Mansion Restoration
Karabük, Turkey
The house is located in the Unesco World Heritage City of Safranbolu and is at least 155 years old. When it was acquired it was in a considerable state of disrepair: restoring and updating it was a protracted process - the conservation of the frescoes took three years on its own. The house, which is now the architect's family home, is three storeys high. The ground floor is mainly stone while the upper floors have a timber skeleton with mud brick infill. Walls are plastered with mud reinforced with straw. The mud plaster is glazed with a lime and sand mix reinforced with wool.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Karabük, Turkey
Ground floor area: 100 m²; combined floor area: 400 m²; total site area: 150 m²
Variant Names
Macunagasi Izzet Efendi Mansion Restoration
Building Usages
private residence
restoration and conservation