Abyanah Conservation
Abyaneh, Iran
The village of Abianeh is renowned for its historic red mud-brick structures. Restoring this built fabric, and in the process revitalising the whole community, is the aim of this project. The work to date has encompassed the restoration of a mosque, school and house, as well as numerous smaller-scale interventions. Examples include replacing damaged timber windows and doors with replicas of the original, teaching traditional handcrafts and organising exhibitions. All of the work has been based on a thorough architectural and economic analysis of the village, focusing on its potential as a tourist destination.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Abyaneh, Iran
Associated Names
Ground floor area: 370 m²; combined floor area: 490 m²; total site area: 620 m²
Variant Names
Abianeh Conservation
Abyaneh Conservation
Building Usages
urban design and development
urban design and development