Bhuj Walled City Post Earthquake Reconstruction
Bhuj, India
The walled city of Bhuj lost 50 percent of its buildings in the 2001 earthquake. The government made the progressive decision to combine in-situ reconstruction with voluntary relocation to save and reinvigorate the historic city. The development plan, involving 100 consultants and ward members, was created in just six months. The plan recognised the need for better access and recommended the building of new streets through devastated sites rather than widening existing streets, which would have led to further demolition. The democratic and equitable Town Planning Scheme mechanism was selected over compulsory purchase so all landowners contributed proportionate land. The project showcased a partnership between government, developer and landowner.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Bhuj, India
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Bhuj Walled City Post Earthquake Reconstruction
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