Marjani Mosque Restoration
Kazan, Russian Federation
This project involved the preservation of one of the most important mosques of Kazan and the building of a separate annex for female worshippers. The complex was originally constructed in 1768-1771 by the architect Vasily Kaftyrev and was the first example of a Tartar wooden mosque embodied in brick. The two storey building in traditional materials - stone, rubble-stone, brick, lime, with interiors finished in plaster and glazed ceramic, bronze and iron - has been renovated using original materials as far as possible. The complex includes a madrasa, Mardzhani's house, the house of Vali- Bai, a charity house, shop, ‘ash-hana’ and medical centre.


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 2011.
Kazan, Russian Federation
Variant Names
Marjani Mosque Restoration
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