Khisht-e-Kopruk Ham-Ham Restoration
Khulm, Afghanistan
The Hammam, built in 1846, is considered one of the most interesting domed structures in Afghanistan. The underground building is distinguishable by Uzbek cupolas which feature on its roof. Massive damage was caused during the 2010 flood. The community petitioned to save the structure which provides them with warm water. The building comprises six geometrically shaped rooms and a unique example of a ‘mihrab’ for prayers. During reconstruction, a second ‘mihrab’ was found. Restoration included the use of bespoke bricks, lime plaster, locally crafted doors and ironmongery. Due to temperature and humidity variation, materials with mass and moisture permeability were used.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Khulm, Afghanistan
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Completed 2011
175 m²
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