Coordinates: 40.616667, 20.766667

Korçë is a city in southeastern Albania, on a fertile plateau surrounded by high mountains. It originated as a feudal estate in the 13th century, and in 1484 began growing into a town after local lord, a Muslim convert, returned from the siege of Constantinople in 1453 and built a mosque here. It became a center of trade and commerce from the 17th century on. The first school to use the Albanian language opened there in 1887. Occupied by the Greeks in 1912, it was awarded to Albania in 1920 by the International Boundary Commission, following a four-year French occupation. The Italians used it as a military base in World War II, then was occupied by the Greeks in 1940-41 and then by the Germans. Korçë was restored to Albania in 1944. It population was estimated in 1989 as being about 64,100.

Getty: http://vocab.getty.edu/page/tgn/1025347

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