Yasmin Cheema
Yasmin Cheema holds a diploma in Architecture from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, a
Master of Science in the Restoration of Monuments and Historic Sites, and a degree in the same subject from the Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara. She graduated as the first female architect of Pakistan in the year 1966 and worked with several well-known architects of the country including Arif Hasan, before she set up her own practice. At the height of her professional career she left Pakistan in 1975 to enroll in the Urban and Regional Planning Department, University of Wisconsin at Madison. On her return she continued her practice and also started her teaching career at the National College
of Arts in Lahore. Besides conducting design studios, she prepared and organised a multi-disciplinary fourth year urban planning course involving Lahore's most qualified lawyers, economists, anthropologists, sociologists and development experts.

(Source: AKTC)
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