Gamal Bakry
"....Man's abstraction in the 20th century stands on the scientific base of space time equation.Human achievement represents itself in the contemporary civilization, through three passes in Art, Science & Technology.At these different fields, we can recognize the vicious circle, where our achievements rotates, as an out-come of the boundary of the scientific base and its chain reactions.By following three passes through Architecture, Engineering & Planing, we hope to give an able hand joining all who struggle for human happiness, by the continuos effort, searching for suitable ecological balances.While we hope to live up with evolution prefery, giving the other hand to the new generation, and there vital effort to surpass the psychological barrier of the given principles, motivated by evolution instinct................" Gamal Bakry

Education :
1966 Rotterdam,Netherlands, Diploma in Town Planning
1956 Cairo University, Architecture
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Variant Names
Jamal Bakry