Red Sea Resort Hotel
Dahab, Egypt
A four star hotel, located in the coastal town of Dahab, on a 300x1000m strip of land stretching from the sea up to 30m above sea level, and bounded by natural hills which are part of the Southern eastern mountains of Sinai. The guest rooms are leveled on 3m high terraces to allow each room to overlook the sea.
The club house consists of:
1. the entrance hall including shops, the reception, and administration area;
2. the ball room;
3. the bar;
4. the cafeteria;
5. the restaurant;
6. the diving centre;
7. the swimming pool and surrounding terraces; and
8. the artificial lake.
The project is organized around a courtyard open to the sea.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dahab, Egypt
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Red Sea Resort Hotel
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vacation village/resort