Reha Günay
Reha Günay is a Turkish architect, restoration architect, and architectural photographer, and professor of conservation and restoration at Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul. Professor Günay also teaches architectural photography at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. He was trained in architecture at Istanbul Technical University, and received his Ph.D. from Istanbul University in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, joining the faculty of architecture in 1973. During 1979–1980, Professor Günay was a fellow of the Japan Foundation. He has continued work on the restoration of the antique theatre in Side, Turkey, since 1992. Professor Günay’s research, essays and photography have been published as monographs, including Traditional Safranbolu Houses and Their Formation (1981), Japanese Art and Culture Through the Ages (1986), Sinan’s Istanbul (1987), Places and Expression Techniques in the Miniatures of the Süleymanname (1992), Tradition of the Turkish House and Safranbolu Houses (1998), Sinan: the Architect and His Works (1998), and Traditional Wooden Buildings: Problems and Solutions (2002). He has also published on the topic of architectural restoration and conservation, and contributed photographs to publications including Süleyman the Great, Masterpieces from the Topkapi Palace, The Art of Bookmaking in Central Asia, The Anatolian Civilisations, and the works of leading architects in Turkey.
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