Khaled Al-Saa'i
b. 1970

Syrian Artist: Calligraphy

b. 1970 in Homs, Syria

1995 BA in Fine Arts, University of Damascus

1997 MA in Fine Arts, University of Damascus

1998 Certificate in Calligraphy from IRCICA, the research centre for Islamic History Arts and Culture, Istanbul, Turkey

Numerous solo and group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and North America


“KHALED AL-SAA’I: BIOGRAPHY.” 2015. Kashya Hildebrand. 2015. Archived at


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Variant Names
Khaled Al-Saa'i
خالد الساعي
Ḫālid Sāʿī,
Alternate transliteration
Khaled Al-Saai
Alternate transliteration